Protection for Industrial Control Systems and Automation

LinkGuard ICS/SCADA Solution

Blue Ridge Networks’ LinkGuard is the best-of-breed threat protection for Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technology environments.

It also minimises complexity and reduces the operating expense (OpEx) of OT security management compared to comparable security solutions in siloed IT and OT environments.





LinkGuard Enables CyberCloak Capabilities to Protect Critical Assets and Sensitive Data

According to a report by IBM, data breach incident costs rose from $3.86 million to $4.24 million USD—the highest average total cost in 17 years. These rising costs—and the expansion of remote work—have placed cybersecurity as a top priority for organizations in 2022.


Segmentation limits scope of a security breach and risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data.


Hide critical assets to create more resilient environments.


Ensure that data transmitted across unknown or hostile networks is uncompromised and remains confidential.


 Add an extra layer of security to networks and devices, making it harder for attackers to gain unauthorized access.

Air-Gapping Is No Longer Viable. The Convergence of IT and OT Exposes Security Gaps.

Digital transformation and process automation are forcing a tighter integration between traditional ICS devices and networks, business applications and external organizations such as supply chain partners, customers, and even federal regulators.

Ultimately, ICS infrastructure is very attractive to malicious threat actors seeking to cause harm.

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Success Story

Blue Ridge Networks Provides Secure Solution for Petrochemical Customer Operations with LinkGuard™

LinkGuard™ established secure interoperability of customer’s SCADA networks and industrial control systems with remote command and control from a central site