Protection for Today’s Most Critical Assets

LinkGuard Commercial Solution

Commercial organizations require cybersecurity to maintain cyber and operational resilience. Both objectives, however, are growing increasingly out-of-reach.

Blue Ridge Networks’ LinkGuard solution provide secure remote access, isolation, segmentation, and cryptographic protection.





LinkGuard Enables CyberCloak Capabilities to Protect Critical Assets and Sensitive Data

“Poorly implemented cryptographic algorithms can frequently infect applications that are otherwise secured with additional protections. The result is massive data leaks, enduring vulnerabilities, and penetrated networks.”

– Forbes Technology Council, April 2022


Segmentation limits scope of a security breach and risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data.


Hide critical assets to create more resilient environments.


Ensure that data transmitted across unknown or hostile networks is uncompromised and remains confidential.


 Add an extra layer of security to networks and devices, making it harder for attackers to gain unauthorized access.

What Are the Benefits of Zero Trust Security?

In today’s distributed environment, with data and applications running on remote cloud services and the growing use of mobile and IoT devices, the security perimeter approach is no longer valid.

The zero-trust security model can be used to create a highly defensible network infrastructure.

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Multi-National Food & Beverage Distillery Securely Manages Unmanned Storage Sites

Blue Ridge Networks ensures secure interoperability of connected devices to facilitate automated control